We have farmers that are seeking to hire qualified, experienced employees. Your salary will be based on your:

  1. Documented work experience in Denmark
  2. Area of responsibilities at the farm
  3. Do you have experience with driving a tractor in Denmark
  4.  Do you have an agricultural education from Romania or Denmark
  5.  Your ability to speak and write English
  6.  Your ability to speak Danish
  7. Other related job experiences.

We will need the following information:

  1. Name, address and mobile number of your previous farmer.
  2. A copy of your:
    • CPR Card
    • National ID or Passport
    • Drivers license ( if you have one)
    • If married, Date of weeding, City where you were married, wife’s / husband’s CPR number

You can scan or take a picture of these and email to us.

For more information: