In general, foreign workers in Denmark are covered by the same rules and agreements that apply to Danish employees.

The employment contract must at least contain information on the following:

  • Employer’s and employee’s name and address.
  • The location of the workplace or, if there is no fixed workplace, where the work is primarily performed/information that the employee is to work in various locations, and the employer’s main office or address.
  • Job description or employee’s job title, rank or job category.
  • Employment commencement date.
  • Expected duration of employment, if not permanent employment.
  • The employee’s rights regarding holidays, including whether salary will be paid while the employee is on holiday.
  • Employee’s and employer’s terms of notice.
  • The applicable or agreed salary to which the employee is entitled upon commencement of employment. The frequency of salary payments must also be included in the contract.
  • The standard daily or weekly working hours.
  • Information on which collective agreements or other agreements regulate the employment and working conditions.
  • Terms of notice
  • The employee’s and employer’s terms of notice must also be included in the employment contract.

If the employee is covered by a collective agreement, the terms of notice are typically stipulated by this agreement.