If you are having a problem with your taxes, for example, no longer receiving your tax deduction, then you need to contact skat / tax authorities.

You have 3 options:

Option 1
You can contact skat by phone: +45 72221818. Skat welcomes you to call if you need help or guidance in your tax matters. This is free of charge and they speak English.

Option 2
You can write a letter detailing your tax problem. Then postal mail this letter, your signed work contract, passport, Romanian tax document, and Danish tax form (http://www.skat.dk/getFile.aspx?Id=91752) to the nearest of the 3 tax centers listed below.

Option 3
You can drive to the nearest tax center with your documents and information letter. This is by appointment only.

Danish Tax locations:

Skattecenter Aarhus
Begrænset skattepligt,
Lyseng Allé 1
8270 Højbjerg

Skattecenter Tønder
Begrænset skattepligt,
Pionér Allé 1
6270 Tønder

Skattecenter København
Begrænset skattepligt,
Sluseholmen 8 B
2450 København SV.